This Romanian Artist Superimposed His Cat onto Classic Paintings

These photo-bombing cat pictures were Photoshopped together by Romanian photographer Eduard Cîrstea. To bring his two passions together, art and his cat, Cîrstea decided to intricately superimpose his lovely pet into some of the world's most recognizable paintings. During a spontaneous photoshoot, Cîrstea's cat posed in a very distinct position with an outstretched leg.

This now famous outstretched leg has been used to interrupt classic paintings. The gray tomcat can be seen cuddling next to the Mona Lisa, covering a mouth on American Gothic and sneaked in during the Last Supper. In each painting, the cat is intricately woven into the image, making it seem as though the cat belongs in the painting.

The photo-bombing cat is only one of the many viral cat-themed memes, GIFS and artworks all over the Internet.