Editor Laura McQuarrie Counts Down her Favorite Examples of Photo Blogs

 - Dec 10, 2014
References: youtu.be
On the Internet most of us realize that visual content is the way to go when it comes to engaging audiences -- as evidenced by these photo blogs. However, finding niche subjects can be more challenging. Trend Hunter's Laura McQuarrie discusses her top picks for conventional blogging, from mannequin outfit matching to artsy flooring and nail inspiration photo blogs.

The Gap Mannequin Project blog puts an usual spin on fashion photography as Steve Venegas documents his efforts to twin with stylish mannequins. Prima Creative on Tumblr showcases unique sources of nail art inspiration created by Christina Rinaldi. On Instagram, I Have This Thing With Floors archives the smartphone photographer's interest in artistic flooring. Sharing a point of view, View From The Top on Instagram focuses on cool shoes.