The Phone + Book is a Hardcover Pad That Accommodates Your Handset

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: kbme2 & leibal
The object that people would recognize as a "phone book" has nothing specifically telephonic about it. KB Design changed this by creating a notebook that accommodates an actual phone. It is aptly called the Phone+Book.

Scratch pads of lined or dot-gridded paper make up the pair of contemporary phone books. These are complete with rectangular excisions in each page that stack up into an iPhone-size compartment next to the left side margin. You can nestle your smartphone into the gap to keep its screen visible as you leaf cover to cover.

An additional opening has been made through the bound sheets to fit a special pencil. This can be used as a regular writing implement on one end and an electronic stylus on the other. The Phone+Book lets you organize your life by digital and analogue methods simultaneously.