These Phonak Spice Generation Ads Allude to the Beauty of Sound

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
It would be very tricky to communicate the concept of sound through a run of print advertisements, and as such, these Phonak Spice Generation ads have opted to draw a parallel from the excitement of one's auditory experience to that of a visual one.

People with no difficulty hearing may seldom stop to appreciate the exquisiteness of sound, but those who boarder on deaf would be delighted to discern a symphony of everyday noises. The Wunderman agency of Zurich has thus attempted to show the hearing impaired how aurally stimulating wearing the advertised line of hearing aids would be, with all of the vivid colors, dynamic shapes and textures translated into rich resonance from the visual of these Phonak Spice Generation ads.