OMA Space is a Seoul-Based Fashion and Textile Artist

 - Feb 23, 2018
References: omaspace
OMA Space proves its dedication to connotative meanings, harmonious living and metaphysical theories with inspiring philosophical fashion collections. The capsules are not only experimental in textile use and silhouette structure, they also explore humanistic values, distinctive philosophies and cultural traditions.

OMA Space utilizes a diverse range of artistic techniques which are informed by ancient Asian textile practices, including weaving, dying and painting. The experimental philosophical fashion designs are contained in relatively contemporary silhouettes that bear a curious shape. They inspire the wearer to seek deeper meaning as well.

OMA Space's clothes are a "form of artistic expression" that can be shared with the consumer. The products in the philosophical fashion capsule are created in harmony with sustainability practices and delivered through small partnerships with local artisans.

Photo Credits: OMA Space