Philippe Jarrigeon Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary

 - Dec 17, 2011
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The work of photographer Philippe Jarrigeon is very reminiscent of illusionist and filmmaker Georges Méliès, who was often referred to as the first Cinemagician. Surreal, magical and completely eccentric, Philippe Jarrigeon's work is filled with fantasy. So much so, in fact, that it encourages his audience to fill in the blanks themselves, creating a narrative that can be out of this world or more grounded.

Based in France, Philippe Jarrigeon takes the familiar and makes it unfamiliar in one fell swoop. From elegant ladies painted all in black to a pink piano and flocking swans, his images are like avant-garde artworks that baffle the mind in order to stimulate creativity.

Because of his knack for taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary, Philippe Jarrigeon has worked on campaigns for Nike, Swatch and many other big name brands.