Phil Hart Beautifully Photographed a Natural Phenomenon

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: philhart & mymodernmet
Nature offers mesmerizing landscapes and mind-blowing phenomena, which is why one only needs a good camera and luck to discover nature's beauty, as shown by Phil Hart. The astrophotographer was lucky enough to witness a bioluminescence effect in the Gippsland Lakes in Australia. Produced by microorganisms called Noctiluca scintillans, this striking and real blue aura captured in these images is a natural defense mode to alert other algae of danger.

These photographs are surreal because of the intensity of the blue color and the gorgeous starred sky. Hart explains for the site My Modern Met the photo series, "It was during a summer camp program for Camp Cooinda, so my friends on the leadership team and I had a great time in the evenings playing in the water and experimenting with photographic ideas."

Forget Photoshop or artificial lighting! These photographs by Phil Hart remind viewers that nature is a true source of beauty and art.