The Pheromone Party Lets You Find Love via Smell

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: thedaily & laughingsquid
I'm officially making my next shindig a Pheromone Party in honor of Judith Prays' ingenious social experiment. Prays' Pheromone Party was essentially a way for people to meet one another based solely upon how they smelled.

Forty guests were invited and told not to wear deodorant or perfume to bed for three nights in a row. Guests were also told to wear the same shirt for those three nights and then to bring that shirt to the party. The shirts were then sealed in a plastic bag and color coded. Guests smelled each shirt during the course of the night and, if they were really taken by a shirt's scent, their photograph would be taken with it. Photographs were then projected onto a wall creating an awkward/awesome icebreaker.

According to Prays, the Pheromone Party was a success with 12 out of 40 guests "hooking up" and six out of those 12 forming long relationships. If you're upset at not being able to attend the party, don't despair as another one is planned for 2012.