KATSU's Phantom Drone Vandalism Stunt Transform an NYC Billboard

 - May 1, 2015
References: youtube & wired
In today's tech-focused world, flying Phantom Drones are no longer a shocking concept and have even become a staple of sporting events, concerts and even wedding ceremonies. In addition to taking photos and filming videos, these sophisticated robots are now used as vandalism props, as showcased by urban graffiti artist KATSU earlier this week.

The artist used a Phantom Drone to deface an NYC Billboard this past Wednesday and transformed the Kendall Jenner Calvin Klein ad with a defiant red scribble. The stunt is not KATSU's first but is the first vandalism act on record to be committed with the assistance of a drone.

The artist was able to pull of this stunt by attaching a spray paint can to the robot and is sure to inspire other graffiti artists to try their hand at drone-assisted street art.