I Am Not A Nugget Group

 - Nov 21, 2007
References: peta2
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has established their own Facebook group, Peta2, using an image of baby chick and the slogan, "I am not a nugget."

"Peta2 is the world's largest youth animal rights group! Our goal is to arm you with all the info, literature, advice, and (most importantly) stickers you need to get active for animals," the group says.

They give out free stickers, reading materials and encourage participation in groups, contests and in making donations. The site features photos and videos, including celebrities doing their part to support animals.

If you're vegetarian, an animal rights activist, are believe in PETA's cause, join the group. To date, there are 1,026 fans and two causes which have raised about $17,000 from donors.

If you like interactivity, you can even make your own KFC Sign (Kentucky Fried Cruelty).

Make your own KFC sign at peta2.com