Shocking Nursery Rhyme

 - Dec 17, 2007
References: adsoftheworld
Animal rights foundation, PETA, has launched another campaign against a fast food company, this time in protest of McDonald's. The ads play up the fast food chain's unethical treatment of animals, complete with a spoof on an old children's rhyme:

"Old MacDonald had a farm
ee i ee i o
And on his farm he had some chickens
ee i ee i o
With an out break of flu bird here
And a massive dosage of hormones there
Here a needle, there a needle
Everywhere, a needle, needle
ee i ee i o"

Honestly, I've always loved McDonald's fried chickens.. but this campaign has been killing my appetite since the first time I saw it. Using the signature song to reveal such horrible truths is ironic and an effective way to communicate PETA's message. The issue has been spread among the communities since years ago but has never stricken with enough drama, until now perhaps.