This Unit Ensures That Pet Owners Can Dispose of Waste Effectively

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: kickstarter
Disposing of pet waste in the home can be unsanitary and smelly and the Dooli disposal unit aims to alleviate this issue.

Designed by David Stravitz and Alison Diamond, this device works by removing the odor from bags with pet waste in them. The user inserts a plastic bag into the device or a used doggy bag and closes the lid, allowing the device's lever mechanism to work. The mechanism seals the bag and removes the waste while also infusing an adjustable scent into it just in case. The device is environmentally friendly as it has a recyclable bag adapter that can be used for over 50 bags.

This deodorizing device is excellent for pet owners who are looking to rid their homes of unwanted smells in between garbage days.