ipet Insurance's Pet-Friendly Workplace Policy Fosters Quality Time

 - Jul 27, 2016
References: s.news.mynavi.jp & en.rocketnews24
While there are many pet-friendly workplaces around the world, one that's truly setting itself apart from the rest is 'ipet Insurance.'

The pet health insurance company based in Tokyo, Japan recently introduced a new policy to allow its employees paid time off in order to give them more time to spend with their pets. For each pet owned, ipet Insurance employees are granted three days off to grieve in the case of death, as well as two "pet holidays" that can be taken each year. Currently, a third of ipet Insurance's employees own a cat or a dog, which means that this new pet-friendly workplace policy will be put to good use.

Other unusual policies that have been implemented in the workplace include unlimited vacations at Virgin and menstrual leave for female staff members at Coexist.