Armida Ascano Discusses Her Favorite Introverted Personality Type Products

 - Mar 21, 2013
With the rise of the Internet and the personal computer has come a new wave of anti-socialism adding clout to the once defunct personality type. Being a nerd once got you kicked in the pants; now it’s a group with proud members. While popular acceptance of this new-found anti-social behaviour has been somewhat slow, we are starting to witness the first waves of popularized anti-social behaviour, embracing this generally frowned upon group.

This new breed of proud introverted personalities wears their personality type on their sleeves, rather than feeling ashamed of themselves as was generally the case before. This week, Editor and Academy Strategist Armida Ascano breaks down her five favorite antisocial pride trends: something sure to add a little pep to your inner-geek’s step. From fine gold jewelry and fashionable clothing to quirky comic strips, these trends are bringing un-cool to the forefront of cool: watch out!