This Facebook Personality Test is Calculated from Your 'Likes'

 - May 14, 2016
References: applymagicsauce & telegraph
The 'University of Cambridge Psychometric Centre' has devised a totally private Facebook personality test. The test can determine your most stand-out psychological traits, political views, religious disposition, happiness level, sexual preference, relationship status and your education level.

While some are skeptical of privacy invasion when it comes to tests like this that ask for your personal accounts, as well as Facebook itself, this personality test claims it only accesses your 'likes.'

Using this small data-set, the 'Apply Magic Sauce' tool accesses your Facebook likes to tell you something about yourself even you haven't realized. It gives you your 'Big 5' personality traits in order explain your biggest strengths and weaknesses as well. Although users need to enter their Facebook information, the University of Cambridge assures that none of your information will be stored or shared.