'Sight Cue' Functions as an Eye Care Assistant for Computer Users

 - Oct 26, 2017
References: kickstarter
'Sight Cue' is a personal eye care assistant for computer users who wish to take greater measures to avoid symptoms of using digital devices for prolonged period of time such as dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, or discomfort caused by neck and shoulder pain.

The USB-powered eye care system takes the form of a small sensor that is able to detect when a computer user is too close to their screen, and reminds them when they should be taking regular breaks away from a digital device. As well as being of use for adults who sit and stare at a computer all day for work, Sight Cue also offers advantages for kids and teens who lose themselves computer games.

As a result of using the Sight Cue system, it is promised that one may enjoy immediate and long-term benefits, such as an improved mood, performance, concentration and productivity.