Akili's Electronic Medicine Aims to Improve Cognitive Health

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: brain.akiliinteractive & caplex
Akili is trying to improve cognitive health through prescription video games and hopes to make its product available to a mass audience. Developed by Dr. Adam Gazzaley at the University of California, Akili's electronic medicine would be prescribed by a doctor. The goal is "building clinically validated cognitive therapeutics, assessments and diagnostics that look and feel like high-quality video games."

Currently, Akili is running clinical tests and studies looking to improve in areas such as ADHD, autism, depression and traumatic brain injury. The company is looking to stray from traditional medical approaches and hopes to offer a a cost-cutting alternative to common treatments -- one that will be greatly embraced by younger patients. The ultimate objective of this prescription video game project is to improve neural functioning and cognitive symptoms.