Permafrost JD Rugs Bring a Piece of Outside Inside

 - Apr 17, 2013
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Typically, inhabitants seek out connections between outdoor and indoor environments with potted plants and windows, but here we have these Permafrost JD Rugs that bring a patch of the yard into the home. As if excised from your lawn in a perfect circle, these mats mimic two types of terrain.

The John Deere Grass Carpet and the John Deere Mud Carpet have been made from high-quality, 100% New Zealand wool. The Stories Collection pieces take accurate green and brown colors to emulate lush blades and mineral-rich dirt; they express a texture of softness that is made more pronounced by some peculiar detailing. It looks as though large lawnmowers or small tractors have been driven over the Permafrost JD Rugs, leaving the compressed herringbone pattern of tire treads with all-terrain grip.