‘Perfection is Not Concrete’ by Jim Wong is Brutal

 - May 1, 2013
References: craftbritain
Brutalism is one of my favorite architectural styles and ‘Perfection is Not Concrete’ by Jim Wong uses elements of the design aesthetic to create an interesting commentary regarding our culture.

Created using concrete and meticulously moulded to read the word 'CONCRETE,' ‘Perfection is Not Concrete’ by Jim Wong gets to the heart of what our perception of perfection actually is. The piece is explained in a few words by the artist; "Perfect is man-made judgements. It is intangable and abstract which can be varied in different people’s perceptions." Simply put, concrete represents perfection itself and the way that the artist has shaped it reflects feelings towards how it is a varied concept that knows no bounds.

Looking closely, one can see the imperfections that ‘Perfection is Not Concrete’ by Jim Wong has, which leaves room for thought/