Perceptions of Perfection Exposes Body Expectations by Country

'Perceptions of Perfection' is a Photoshop project that exposes how the ideal female body varies from country to country. Body ideals have been imposed on women throughout history. They can change wildly in just a short span of time -- consider the hourglass Marilyn Monroe figure of the 50s as compared to the thigh gap craze of today -- but 'Perceptions of Perfection' proves that expectations differ depending on nationality as well.

The project asked female graphic designers from 18 countries to take an original picture of a model and to Photoshop it to resemble what they believed other citizens of their country would find attractive. North, South and Central American countries tended to strive for an extreme hourglass shape, while European and Asian countries made the model unrealistically thin.

'Perceptions of Perfection' and projects like it aim to expose the unrealistic expectations that are placed on women's bodies and prove that there is no single standard of beauty.