The PepsiMax Commercial Proves to Fans That It is Not a Stunt

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: adweek
Last year, PepsiMax's video 'Test Drive' starring Jeff Gordon went viral, yet there was online speculation that the stunt was fake. Travis Okulski was one of the critics, and to put the speculations to rest, Pepsi decided to prove to Okulski just how real the stunt was.

Pepsi lured Okulski to Charlotte, N.C. and told him he was getting a sneak peak of the new Corvetter Z06, however the cab driver who would take him to the studio is Jeff Gordon. Gordon plays an ex-convicted taxi driver trying to get free from a police chase. Okulski is in the back seat, petrified and pleading for Gordon to surrender. Gordon seamlessly gets rid of the chaser and pulls into a secluded garage filled with Pepsi and awaiting guests. To say the least, Okulski was speechless.

This hilarious video shows that Pepsi is listening to the critics online, and won't have them taint its reputation. The previous stunt was real, and although some people didn't believe them, they proved it to be real yet again. This shows how far Pepsi is willing to go to stand behind its product, yet it also creates a buzz for its campaign.