Penrose Studios is Showing the Power VR Can Have on Film

 - Apr 24, 2018
References: indiewire & engadget
Penrose Studios is considered to be one of the leading companies engaged in VR storytelling, and its latest show at the Tribeca Film Festival reaffirms how the company is taking over the VR space. The studio's first showing, Arden's Wake, was a stunning short that introduced Meena, a young girl living in a post-apocalyptic space, and the waterlogged world she inhabits. The latest release, titled Tide's Fall, continues the story of Meena and even brings on actress Alicia Vikander to voice her and serve as executive producer.

Tide's Fall is the largest production Penrose Studios has ever accomplished, and it serves as an amazing proof of concept for VR storytelling. The Hollywood industry has yet to fully explore the medium in film, but Penrose Studios hopes to change that with impressive work like this. The association with Vikander has also brought the studio closer to Hollywood and with continued showings, at film festivals, the studio is bringing the VR storytelling space closer to the Hollywood market.

Image Credit: Penrose Studios