This Ring is Made Out of a Grouping of Sculpted Pencil Crayons

 - May 16, 2014
References: etsy & boredpanda
This pencil crayon ring is a stand up example of the power of DIY design. The ring began its journey as a brick of pencil crayons as thick as two pencil crayons on each side. What it ended up as is a smooth, colorful and original piece of wooden jewelry.

This ring is so beautiful that after word spread of the first one the creator, Peter Brown, found the demand so high that he couldn't keep up and for good reason. The entire process has been documented in pictures to show you exactly how he does it, but even with pictures it still takes a magic touch to make it all happen.

His Etsy shop has been receiving a lot of love and for those that want something they'll rarely see anywhere else this is the piece to get.