The Peel Pen-Case Flips Back to Become a Convenient Penholder

 - Feb 13, 2014
For those without a designated desk at which to work, the Peel Pen-Case might prove to be a practical possession. This compact pencil case accommodates a handful of writing utensils and small stationery items, making your arsenal portable but also readily accessible.

The Nendo product was inspired by the banana peel with the way that this thick natural sheath can fold back. Zippered along two sides, this pen holder can be treated like a sort of husk, inviting the user to crease it backwards at its opening. The relatively rigid material of the Peel Pen-Case maintains stiff surfaces in this form, assuming a broad prop for the body of the pouch. An upturned angle is achieved and the tips of your markers are exposed for easy obtaining. It's a mobile desk accessory for the itinerant employee.