Release Your Inner C.I.A Agent with The 'Peek-i' Cell Attachment

 - May 6, 2014
References: peek-i & walyou
If you want to catch someone in the act of doing something compromising without making yourself noticeable, you will need the Peek-i for your phone's camera. The stealth camera add-on easily attaches magnetically to any iPhone camera and works as a periscope, reflecting at a 90 degree angle.

After attaching the tiny contraption to your iPhone, you can rotate it in any direction you wish to see. Basically, you can sit at a table and view the entire room you are in from the screen of your phone without even having to move your head.

The Peek-i also comes equipped with quirky sticker decals, which are designed to look like winking emoticons. Stick on a dark blue decal if you are feeling like James Bond, or maybe a lime-green one if you are feeling like Austin Powers.