Patrik Petersson's ‘SAS Check In Center'

It’s no secret that the average traveler’s experience at the airport leaves much to be desired; Patrik Petersson’s ‘SAS Check In Center’ intelligent luggage aims to minimize as much hassle as possible.

Patrik Petersson’s ‘SAS Check In Center’ streamlining begins with the luggage itself, which boasts a hard shell, four wheels and an ergonomic design. It’s implanted with an RFID chip so that each suitcase has its own ID number—sort of like a Social Security or driver’s license number for baggage. The airport’s check-in counter is equipped with a biometric reader to quickly identify the passenger and their luggage.

Patrik Petersson’s ‘SAS Check In Center’ also helps save travelers time upon their arrival at their destination airport. A luggage tracking feature, also through the RFID chip, lets travelers estimate the time their suitcase will arrive on the luggage carousel.