Patrick Gannon Creates Art Exploring Tensions of Violence & the Sublime

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: pgannon & visualnews
Could you believe at a first sight that these artworks by Patrick Gannon are entirely made of cut-out paper (and sometimes wood)? His pieces mix up elements from his real life, such as his upbringing on a farm in New Jersey and the visual imagery of urban contemporary Japan (Patrick now lives in Fukuoka with his Japanese wife).

All the subjects sum up this meeting of culture and style, coming out with intense, fairylike scenes, at once playful and dark. Patrick Gannon is fascinated by humankind and our secret personal mythologies and microcosmos, which often explore the continuously alternate tensions of violence and the sublime.

Beautiful pieces with a soul and a message, Patrick Gannon's work is made with ancient techniques to make us reflect on our contemporary culture and inter-dependecies.