These Artificial Limbs are Rewired to a Patient's Nerve Endings

 - Jul 9, 2015
References: businessinsider & psfk
A team of Austrian scientists have developed a revolutionary prosthetic leg that can be rewired to a patient's nerve endings. This unprecedented technology not only helps to restore feeling, but it can also help cure the pain of phantom limb.

Hubert Egger developed the new artificial leg as a way of restoring sensation to amputees. He began by rewiring a patient's nerve endings to tissue closer to the surface of their thighs. He then added sensors to the sole of the artificial foot, which allows the foot to sense texture and motion. The sensors can transmit this information up the shaft of the leg and convey the sensations to the brain of the patient.

The prosthetic leg has already been tested on one Austrian amputee, who found that he has regained sensation in his leg and foot. He also found that the device had cured him of debilitating phantom limb pain.