Prue Stent's Conceptual Images Explore Dreamlike Themes

 - Aug 22, 2015
Prue Stent's pastel photography is poignant, surreal and often bizarre in its aesthetic. The Melbourne-based photographer experiments with pastel pink and pale blue objects and scenes that are often the focal point of her images.

Creating visual poetry, Prue Stent explores a variety of captivating themes through her works. These include gender stereotypes, the human body and even the anatomy of dreams. Whether highlighting the beauty of the female body or playing with the perception of her viewer, Prue Stent pushes visual boundaries with her work.

Her pastel photography creates a conceptual narrative and captivates a viewer even if doing so by challenging their expectations. Standouts from her body of work include still life images of pastel donuts and aerial photographs of a pink-haired subject who appears hidden in a bed of emerald leaves.