Pasta & Provisions Offers Gourmet Groceries and Ready-to-Eat Meals

While it is becoming increasingly common to find hot food sections in large supermarket chains,
Charlotte’s 'Pasta & Provisions' demonstrates that small grocers are also making a similar move. With two stores already in operation and a third in the works, the up-and-coming brand reveals the growing demand for take-out options in grocery stores.

Pasta & Provisions is a gourmet Italian grocery store chain that offers artisan groceries such as canned tomatoes, olive oils and dry pastas imported directly from Italy. Beyond the gourmet groceries, the shop also sells hot meals-to-go packaged in portable, microwaveable containers. The meals are prepared in the store's own kitchen and are made with authentic Italian ingredients.

With options ranging from Chicken Picatta to Eggplant Parmesan, the hot meals from Pasta & Provisions make it easy for consumers to pick up restaurant-quality dishes on the go.