Past Futur Perfekt by Aldo Tolino Reconstructs Portraits in Disruptive Way

 - Mar 19, 2014
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The portraits featured in the art series titled Past Futur Perfekt are completely distorted. Revolving around the art of origami, or least appearing to do so, each of the original large scale printed images have been folded upon themselves in various ways to disrupt the idea of the face as people know it. Although the features are in the general vicinity of where they should be.

Created by Aldo Tolino, an Austrian artist, the Past Futur Perfekt art series was both photographed and folded by him alone. Inspired by the Schwarzschild radius (also known as the gravitational radius), an example of which can be a black hole. In a way, the images making up the Past Futur Perfekt art series do appear to be folding in on itself as though about to enter such a cosmic phenomenon.