The Tube A Rama Inner Tube Seats Eight People Plus a Few Brews

 - Aug 16, 2013
References: fancy
Although summer is coming to an end, cottagers and partiers can still prepare for next year by purchasing the Tube A Rama, one of a line of party tubes that makes partying on the water a whole lot crazier.

This gigantic inner tube seats eight people, each with their own little lounge area. A whole seats their rear end, while a backrest keeps them upright and ready to go. A cooler is embedded in the tube's side, making this inner tube the perfect party vehicle for restless cottagers. The cooler can store everything form beers to water bottles, letting people refresh themselves while dozing in the hot summer sun.

The beautiful thing about the Tube A Rama is that users can jump off of its sides at any time to go for a dip. Then they just have to climb back onto the tube's surface and dry off in the sun.

With this tube, even large groups can experience the fun of being together on the water with a few beers, making the most of summer while creating memories that will last a lifetime.