David Rasmussen's Wooden Cocktail Glasses Contemporize Martinis

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: drdcustomfurniture & lostateminor
Designer David Rasmussen has released a line of superbly elegant wooden cocktail glasses that add a modern flair to a classic drink. These martini glasses are made entirely out of a rich, mahogany wood -- a far cry from the traditional, transparent glasses.

Rasmussen's glasses feature blown-glass stems, the only part of them that isn't made of wood. The rest of the glass, from base to cup, consists of a dark brown, swirled wood that gives it a handcrafted appearance.

DIY and crafty creations are taking center stage in the home decor market, allowing products like Rasmussen's to fit right in, blending into the folky, cottage feel so prevalent in today's homes. For this reason, these wooden martini glasses are not only uniquely handmade and gorgeously smooth, but they are also timely and indicative of a much warmer, softer future of interior design.