This Infographic Shows the Top Party Schools in the USA

 - Jul 10, 2014
References: & mentalfloss
This infographic by eCollegeFinder visually lists the top party schools across the USA to help you find the ideal school for your taste.

eCollegeFinder continuously thinks of different ways to help upcoming post-secondary students find a college that is ideally suited for them. In this infographic, fittingly titled 'Biggest Party Schools in Each State,' eCollegeFinder lists the wildest school in each state. The infographic is laid out like a map of the USA with each state covered in a logo of that region's biggest party school. This infographic would be great if you're looking to stay clear of a party environment in your freshman year or you want to attend a school with a large social atmosphere. If you don't recognize some of the logos instantly, eCollegeFinder has provided a full list of each of the school's mentioned.