The Party Python Provides 36 Servings of Gummy Goodness in One Treat

 - Nov 11, 2012
References: vat19 & gizmodo
Weighing in at nearly 27 pounds, the eight-foot-long edible gummy party python is your dentist's worst nightmare, and probably just about as deadly as an actual python if you were to consume it all.

However, if you don't eat it, the giant gummy makes quite an amazing art piece with intricate detail and color-shading exhibited on the carved scales and ridged coils of the snake. Just don't drop it on the carpet as dirt and dust are likely to stick to it like a magnet.

Why such a colossal candy creation even exists is anybody's guess, but for those interested in getting their hands on one of these 36,000 calorie behemoths, the party python comes in three flavors (red cherry, green apple and blue raspberry) and is available for $150 on Vat19's website.