The Drunko 'Drink or Dare' Party Card Game Encourages Hijinks

 - Nov 20, 2017
References: thisiswhyimbroke
The Drunko 'Drink or Dare' party card game has been created to offer partygoers a way to get things started and have everyone involved in the fun activities.

The Drunko 'Drink or Dare' card game works by having players simply draw a card from the deck and dare an opponent to either complete the task or finish the rest of their drink. This could include lip syncing to a song, talking dirty to another player or even running around half naked.

The Drunko 'Drink or Dare' party card game is suitable for mature players only and comes as one of a growing number of drinking games that will enable adults to get silly as they enjoy cocktails. The game comes complete with action cards, playing cards and game rules to get you started quickly.