Partners & Spade Offers the Best Presents for Under a Dollar

 - Dec 7, 2011
References: store.partnersandspade
If you love the luxury products of Manhattan-based shop Partners & Spade but can’t afford the hefty price written on the tag, then the shop has a solution. Realizing that times are tough, Partners & Spade still wants you to be able to have that antique globe you’ve been eying up and down, and they’ll sell it to you for only 99¢ ... or at least a Polaroid of it anyway.

That’s the concept behind this creative new gift service offered by the boutique. We’ve all seen that present that would just be perfect for someone we know, but then flipped the tag and realized that it’s way out of our price range. Well now, for less than a buck, we can still gift those intentions. Partners & Spade allows buyers to shop for all its higher priced items without hurting the wallets, after all, it’s the thought that counts.