'Part to Whole' Features Several Thousand Wooden Parts

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: hg-architecture & contemporist
Korea's National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art commissioned HG-Architecture | LIVE COMPONENTS to create 'Part to Whole,' a stunning installation constructed out of over 9,000 pieces of wood.

The designers were inspired by the components, such as atoms and molecules, that make up every living being. These primary elements eventually grow to form bigger components, such as organs and tissues, until what we refer to as "the body" is established. This installation examines the same process of creation and composition in an artificial environment, which works much in the same way: what begins as a blue print of points and lines, will eventually evolve into a space.

The cubic installation simultaneously maximizes space while minimizing materials, creating a finished structure that is part 'void' and part 'solid.' Ultimately, 'Part to Whole' reflects its name; it is a "structure constructed by the set of parts."