Debbie Wijskamp's Eco-Friendly Paperpulp Cabinets

 - Nov 5, 2009   Updated: Jul 11 2011
References: debbiewijskamp
It's hard to grasp how furniture made out of pureed paper mache could hold up, but the paperpulp cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp are proof that it can.

These paperpulp cabinets are sustainable drawers crafted out paper mache that bring together the old school fun of second grade art class and the earth-conscious efforts of today's green movement. Watch the video to see how Wijskamp creates these unique paperpump cabinets.

Implications - The rise of paper art has it expanding into many industries that require design, such as furniture, home decor and fashion. Sustainable, recyclable materials are making their way into these design-centred industries as a response to the rise of eco-conscious consumption. Consumers are looking for stylish alternatives to everyday products that are both functional and environmentally friendly.