The Paper Robot Iii is Made Entirely Out of School Supplies

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: & gizmag
The Paper Robot III (PR-III) is a delightfully low-tech robot made out of paper and rubber bands. The PR-III was built by a Japanese robot maker and is able to walk forward using a series of cogs, elastic bands and a two-stage gear. Tightening the elastic bands around the cogs releases the force necessary to drive the Paper Robot III forward. The two-stage gear helps to manage the initial burst of power to ensure that the robot doesn't topple over.

Building a robot that can walk using metal and circuit boards is tough stuff. Building a robot that can walk using only small bits of wood, paper and elastic bands is a task undertaken by only the baddest of bot builders. Should you consider yourself a bad bot builder you can purchase a Paper Robot III kit for $40. You can check out a video here showing the building of the PR-III.