The 'Port-A-Plant' Eliminates the Hassle of Watering & Providing Sunlight

 - Jun 8, 2013
References: neatoshop
For those of you who desire caring for plants but can't seem to find the time to keep them healthy, then these creative pop-up paper plants are the perfect solution to adding some greenery without the hassle of maintaining them.

Real-life plants require constant care and nurturing, daily water and access to sunlight are some of the necessities required for them to stay alive. This 'Port-A-Plant' product however, comes amazingly packaged as sheets of paper, that can be easily punched-out to instantly create a variety of colorful plants. This instant piece of home decor requires no tending to or constant watering, rather it is completely sustainable and will last as long as you need it to.

Perfect for those who are just too busy to care for indoor greenery, these pop-up paper plants will definitely add some humorously green features to your home.