Paper Cutting Art by Hua Tunan Puts a Modern Twist on Traditional Art

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: edge.neocha & visualnews
This paper cutting art by Hua Tunan is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Chinese art form that is also known as Jianzhi. The art form is generally used as home decorations to use for windows, doors, lamps and other large surfaces to symbolize fortune and luck in households. The illustrations are traditionally of images such as zodiac characters, flowers and animals.

Tutan put his own creative twist to this traditional art form and designed paper cutting art of caricaturized war characters, emperors, peace signs and snakes that are visually crude and violent.

Mixing up an old art form with contemporary ideas, Tunan's artwork serves to be both intriguing and eye-catching. This artwork is a great demonstration of modern day art pieces incorporating old school and traditional influences.