7-Eleven Japan's Stacked Dorayaki Has a Thick Matcha Cream Center

 - Mar 20, 2019
References: sej.co.jp & japantimes.co.jp
Dorayaki is a popular Japanese confection that uses two small patties to form a pancake sandwich of sorts. Although this type of treat is often filled with sweet red bean paste, 7-Eleven Japan is now offering a new line of dorayaki with a thick matcha cream filling.

Although there is usually so little filling in these pancake sandwiches that the patties are able to touch one another, this towering new offering from 7-Eleven stands tall, making it more cake-like than usual and best eaten with a fork. As matcha is known for its slightly bitter taste, the unconventional confection provides a taste that's not too sweet.

For fans of dorayaki, cakes, matcha and not-too-sweet treats, this convenience store treat provides unique new tastes and textures to discover.