Have a Happy Pancake Day with the Pancake-Omatic

 - Feb 10, 2013
References: thehappyegg & crackajack.de
The Pancake-omatic machine was commissioned by the Happy Eggs company to demonstrate that happy chickens make the perfect eggs to use for Shrove Tuesday, also known as International Pancake Day.

A team of engineers spent over 200 hours building this Rube Goldberg-style machine that takes a nice big egg straight from the chicken and turns it into a perfect flapjack every time. The video starts with a plump chicken perched on a plush velvet throne, clearly enjoying its comfortable setting. Then an egg pops out and we follow its journey to the breakfast table. It is fascinating to watch the contraption work, playing music, cracking shells, whisking batter and flipping frying pans all automatically.

The Pancake-omatic from Happy Eggs is an excellent invention to show how much fun Pancake Day can be.