Classic Paintings Meet Google Street View

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: reddit & stylist
Don't you ever wish you could travel back in time? Well time seems to elapse when these classic paintings meet Google Street View in this wondrous art project. These collages are the perfect combination of classic art and modern art.

British artist Hally Docherty superimposes classic paintings onto pictures of cities from the present day using Google street view. The spliced and fused results are so seamless, it's as if time has stopped being a line and has instead become a circle. Classic figures and structures from the past seem to be freely floating in our reality.

Hally is a time-lapsing artistic genius who is becoming known for his collages. Examples of his selected paintings include: Edward Hopper's 'NightHawks,' Jean Beraud's 'La Modish Sur Les Champs-Elysees' and Canaletto's 'A Regatta on the Grand CCanal'.

He goes by the name 'shystone' on Reddit.