'Pain at the Pump' Infographic Outlines Money Mishaps of Gasoline

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: mint & columnfivemedia
Just as one checks the weather every morning before work (as one should!), drivers must always keep a wary eye on gas stations for prices fluctuating, with the reasons outlines in the 'Pain and the Pump' infographic. This infographic shows the prices of gasoline in the various states of America as a percent of income and has them set out on a map of the US, making it easy for patrons of petrol prices to compare their pocket damages.

The infographic also goes on to show the percent of annual income that (by state map again) is spent on rising gasoline prices. The Pain at the Pump infographic is an easy way for one to take a step back and really understand what gasoline prices are like across the American nation.