Padre Divino Packages its Product in Religious Containers

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: & lovelypackage
Padre Divino wine will probably deter some people from getting recklessly drunk while partying. After all, who wants to down an entire bottle of red wine in one sitting when it's wrapped in a box that looks like a church confessional? What would their mothers think?

Padre Divino is a dessert red wine and its Russian manufacturers recommend the alcoholic beverage for use during Catholic holidays. It comes packaged in an ornate black box that replicates the familiar religious structure and is quite an artistic work to marvel at in its own right.

The box's designer, Yevgeny Razumov, explains that "divino" is an Italian pun, with "divino" meaning "divine" whilst "di vino" means "the wine." Red wine, a beautiful box and an Italian pun? Now that's value for your money.