The Oxo Flavour Cubed Ad Uses Math to Send its Message

 - Aug 19, 2011
References: danandnickrbonmade & adsoftheworld
The Oxo Flavour Cubed ad is as cute as it is nerdy. Featuring a cow, chicken and carrot, the image demands a basic understanding of math.

Created by advertising agency RobertSmith for the stock cube food company, the Oxo Flavour Cubed ad is a simple yet effective way to illustrate their brand. The ad draws you in at first with its adorable cartoon and then provides you with information on the product through simple imagery; a perfect way to send a message!

Implications - With an ever increasing amount of responsibilities mounting each day in modern society, consumers are looking for a sense of relief from their products. Images that promote a more carefree lifestyle appeal to those who want to forget their stresses for a brief moment. In order to address this desire, companies could develop a greater number of whimsical designs.