Walmart's Overpowered Computers Showcase New Ventures for the Brand

 - Nov 1, 2018
References: walmart & news.theinventory
While Walmart is not particularly known as a high-end brand, the big-box store has recently announced its new line of premium Overpowered computers. Designed in collaboration with Esports Arena, this collection of PC towers and laptops indicate a new focus for Walmart as they attempt to appeal to more serious gamers and PC enthusiasts. The Walmart Overpowered Computers are currently available as three laptops and three towers, each of which are available in three tiers.

While the desktop PCs skew on the more expensive side, priced at $1,399-$2,999, even the cheapest among them carries an impressive GTX 1070 onboard. Walmart has yet to release any information about the exteriors of the desktops, or how quietly they run, but it is safe to assume they are of decently high-quality if the internals are anything to go off of.