These Oven Baked Snacks Were Created for Health-Conscious Consumers

These 'Panissimi' oven-baked snacks had their branding designed by the creative agency 'Kreative Vonalak.'

Despite being from a Hungarian brand, Panissimi offers food that is inspired by Italian cuisine. While most people do not associate bread-based snacks with the enhancement of health and fitness, that is precisely what the food items were created for. The oven-baked snacks do not contain additives, are made with natural ingredients and contain fibers, vitamins and minerals – all features that allow the product to market itself as a 'Premium Fit Snack.' The snacks are offered in flavors that include paprika, pizza and prosciutto.

These snacks can be eaten on their own or along with dips and function as guilt-free food items for those who are watching their weight, or seeking to improve their health.